Review: Fuzz Alert Speed Trap provides user-curated notifications of local speed traps

By offering rewards, this app generates an ongoing list of speed traps in your area.

Fuzz Alert Speed Trap is a hybrid game/real-time user-feedback system to alert users of speed traps; and while it is impossible to verify, it worked as advertised in our tests. The known speed traps near our testing site were noted on the app, and the verification system seems to reward users for accurate notations, while trying to minimize the number of false reports and verifications.

The app instantly opens to your current location, using the GPS tracking in your phone to match you to the map. It will then show the nearest speed trap to you. Zoom out and you can see others in the area, as well. These functions are all free and don't require registration. If you do register, you can add new speed traps and "pimp out" a digital car you're given to show how many speed traps you've registered and confirmed. The system is set up smartly and the interface is very user friendly, complete with alerts for your area. We cannot confirm all of the speed traps listed near our location, however, if only because they are not always apparent.

Fuzz Alert Speed Trap is a potentially useful app that allows you to see where people are reporting speed traps in your area. While you should use it with caution and not rely solely on it, either to warn you of speed traps or to catch them all, you should download it, even just for general reference.

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