Review: Free Friendship Photo Image Frame is a messy, convoluted app

Attempt to create framed photos despite a number of issues that crop up.

Free Friendship Photo Image Frame is designed to create framed photos on your iOS device, but it has a number of glaring issues that make the process needlessly complicated while producing subpar images. From a photo taking process with far too many buttons and not enough control, to menus that seem tacked on for no particular reason, this app is lacking focus as much as it is polish.

On the main screen for Free Friendship Photo Image Frame is an animated GIF of an angel on a heart. The text below the image and the image, itself, are indicative of the style in this app -- low resolution and with little sense of design. The camera menu opens to a library where you can add images with the "+" button. Frames will overlay the camera screen, but the frames don't rotate to landscape, and when you take a photo they stretch to fill the screen. So they never look quite right, and that's in addition to the poor cutting that was done to create those frames. On top of the poorly-designed framing, there is a menu for quotes and then a sliding puzzle under "games." Both of these feel tacked on and serve no true purpose other than to insert more stuff into the app. If you could insert the quotes into your images, at least they would feel like a natural part of the app; but that isn't an option.

Free Friendship Photo Image Frame attempts to offer a warm and fuzzy app for creating images about and with friends, but the poor interface, low quality images, and dated display make for a less than satisfying experience across the board.

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