Review: Chuck Snow is an icicle breaking game with a basic, yet engaging mechanic

Knock down icicles and avoid Chuck, the snowman, in this fun, accessible iOS game.

Chuck Snow is a progressive snowball shooting game with one objective and gradually increasing difficulty. While it is visually attractive and possibly addictive for children under eight, the game, itself, is a bit too basic for the teen/adult crowd. Overall, the mechanics are a bit questionable, and the objective grows tiresome after only a few levels.

The instructions and introduction to the game are only accessible if you click "Help," beneath the "Play" button, but you may not need them. There is only one objective to the game: Knock down icicles with snowballs and try not to be blocked by a giant snowman with a hockey stick named "Chuck." Snowballs are sent flying with a swipe in the direction of the icicle, although the speed and reliability of those snowballs are questionable, as often they go too slow or not in the expected direction for no apparent reason. Chuck gets increasingly faster and more efficient, but is easily fooled by snowballs up and away from the icicle you're trying to hit. The game, itself, has only a little replay value, as the 90-second time limit depletes quickly. With no bonuses or special features, and the seasonal nature of the game, it is hard to see it as a popular choice for most app gamers.

Chuck Snow is a decent free game that may be a fun choice for parents that need appropriate games for their younger children in winter, but the questionable physics, limited gameplay, and lack of any intriguing features make it a less than ideal option for most iPhone users.

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