Review: CalRemindPic adds a dash of color to your calendars and reminders

Combine pictures and events in a single calendar interface for your iPhone.

CalRemindPic provides a bit more color than the Apple Calendar by loading photos from your camera roll directly to the calendar on the date they were taken. The idea is interesting, but with a complete lack of user direction and a lack of controls to choose the images it includes, it ultimately fails to provide any valuable tool that sets it apart from Apple's standard applications.

For the CalRemindApp to have any value, you need to allow it to access your calendars, reminders, and photo stream. It then loads all of the information directly into its own calendar. You can view only the first few letters of any event before it is cut off by the next date, causing the calendar to be less visually attractive than Apple's calendar. Photos are loaded in the background of the dates they were selected. Clicking on any date gives you a list of events and reminders, along with all of the photos taken that day. There is no way to deselect photos that may be private. There is also no training with CalRemindPic, and several of the features are given shortcut names like "R+," "Q+," and "H+," with no explanation as to what the feature's purpose is. There is no Help file or user guidance available on any component of CalRemindApp.

Overall, the app is certainly more colorful than Apple's included calendar, and those that like to see photos organized by date on their calendar may enjoy it. But the limited additional features, combined with the poor user assistance and nonsensical labeling, make it an app that is easy to skip.

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