Review: Grab YouTube vids quickly with Vclip Converter

Download and convert YouTube videos with a click with this fast, free tool.

Vclip Converter claims to be the fastest, easiest, and most reliable freeware YouTube downloader. We didn't time it against the competition, but Vclip Converter proved both fast and easy enough to make it a moot point. You can choose a conversion profile specifically designed for your device (iOS or Android) or create and save your own preferences and enable one-click downloading to make the job even faster and easier. Vclip Converter runs in Windows XP to 8; we tried in in 64-bit Win7 HP.

Vclip Converter's user interface is a plain dialog with a list view and a "Paste URL" button, a toggle switch for one-click downloads, and Options. Vclip Converter doesn't offer the sort of fine-tuning of video and audio settings of more feature-laden programs, but its focus is on speed and ease of use, and we could choose several definition levels (for example) in the output settings. We copied a YouTube URL in our browser and then clicked "Paste URL" in Vclip Converter. A pop-up offered detailed information about our clip and available formats and definition levels, a volume slider, Convert To choices (including audio and device type), and an Export to iTunes option. We made our choices and pressed "Start." Vclip Converter took less than two minutes to download and convert a seven-minute, 32MB cartoon. Of course, your download and conversion speed will be affected by your Internet connection and your PC's performance, but Vclip Converter sure seemed to live up to its promises. The finished video played normally and with good quality in our usual media player. All that was left was to send it to our phone to pester friends and family with it.

Vclip Converter is the sort of fast, easy-to-use freeware we like, especially for jobs like grabbing and converting YouTube videos. Let's face it -- if it were any harder, you probably wouldn't do it as much. Don't miss out: Get Vclip Converter and grab that vid!

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