Review: Timings Server for Mac keeps track of your work time

Log your work time and store it in detailed records that you can share between your computer and your iPhone.

Timings Server for Mac keeps track of your work time and comes with essential project management features, but suffers from a clumsy interface. The app takes a while to get used to, but if you have patience with it, you will find a stable and functional time-tracker with many nice features.

Timings Server for Mac acts as a project, client, and report manager, and also allows you to keep track of contacts. Using a companion iOS app you will be able to conveniently sync the recorded data between your Mac and an iPhone, as well. The installation is speedy, but the rather confusing interface isn't very welcoming. The poor, unintuitive design makes it hard for you to just jump in and access its promising features. However, there is a detailed Help file that can assist you. To start using the app we created a new project. Adding clients and then assigning the right client to our test project went easy, as well as adding to-do lists, work timers, and adjusting fixed costs within the project. A handy monthly calendar and the option to compose notes were also available. In terms of features and performance, this app won't disappoint you. However, even though listed as free, the Demo button in the upper side of the window gave clear indication that this is just a demo version.

Overall, Timings Server for Mac is a potent work management system for individuals and small businesses; but its lackluster interface and steep learning curve don't make it too easy to use. If you're willing to put in some time learning its ins and outs, though, it proves to be a capable app.

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