Review: Create password-encrypted notes using Password Pad Lite

Create encrypted notes with user defined passwords using this easy-to-use app.

With Password Pad Lite for Mac you can compose notes and password-protect them. A basic, streamlined app, it performs its functions well and lives up to its promises. But the free version offers only basic encryption.

Password Pad Lite for Mac sports an intuitive interface that makes the creation of a new note or the opening of an old one quick and convenient. The app functions like any conventional note-taking app, but in addition it prompts you to type a password to encrypt your note before saving it to any location on your computer. Basic text editing features are available, including font customization. In terms of stability and performance, this app looks good, performing its functions without any delays or errors.

Want to create password-protected notes in no time? This app is the right choice. But know that Password Pad Lite for Mac features only basic XOR encryption, which is not the most secure kind available. If you want Triple DES encryption, try the full version of the app.

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