Review: Library Hunter for Mac catalogs movies, music, books, games, etc.

Arrange your movie, music, games, and book collection into a searchable library, or at least try to, using Library Hunter for Mac.

Library Hunter for Mac can compile a media library that includes movies, music, books, and games by grabbing relevant content information from the Web. The app offers e-mail, IM, Facebook, and Twitter support, and it allows you to sync your library via Dropbox so you can also access it anytime via your mobile device. It also allows you add all the information, manually, if you wish.

Library Hunter for Mac installs in no time. The interface is intuitive and lets you quickly view the library, add new media to your collection, share your library on social media sites, or sync to Dropbox. To add a new item to the library, you have to select the type of media you want to add and provide some basic info. about it, such as title and a bar code standard, so the app can find it online. We tried adding various movies, music albums, books, and games by just typing part of the title and the application returned results in the blink of an eye, for all but games. Whatever we typed when searching for games just didn't work and no games were found or added to our library. For the other three categories, all available information, including the cover art, were added without any issues. We also had no problems adding files to our Wishlist, as well as to On Loan, Borrowed, and Not Owned categories, either.

Library Hunter for Mac offers a good solution for anyone looking to quickly catalog media files such as movies, music and books. Gamers should look elsewhere, though.

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