Review: Faceless Internet Connection for Mac allows you to browse the Web, anonymously

Browse the Web while remaining completely invisible using this basic but handy app.

Faceless Internet Connection for Mac enables you to browse the Web, anonymously by using advanced tunneling and encryption, giving you more private and secure online experience. The trial version of this app is limited to three servers and 2GB bandwidth, so if you want the real deal, you'll have to upgrade to the Pro version.

Unlike using the usual proxy servers, Faceless Internet Connection for Mac actually encrypts your data so your ISP won't be able to see the Web sites you visited or keep any logs of your online activity. The app features a basic interface that displays your original as well as your masked IP address and location. You can view logs and traffic, change language, and do some basic server configurations. The app looks good and the 2GB bandwidth limitation in the trial version seems enough for you to test the app. Connecting to both U.S. servers available took only a couple of seconds and our IP address indeed changed in our tests. Browsing the Web and streaming videos on YouTube went quite smoothly, too. However, when we tried connecting to a third available server, which was listed as Netherlands, we waited around for ten minutes and no connection was made.

Faceless Internet Connection for Mac will be useful to anyone dealing with sensitive data online and anyone who desires more privacy during their Web sessions or online transactions. In addition, if a specific Web site or streaming service is not available in your country or in a country where you are currently, this app will solve the problem. However, to fully enjoy its features, you have to upgrade to the Pro version.

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