Review: ShutterFX is a feature-packed photo editor with a gorgeous interface

Edit, filter, and frame your favorite photos on your Android gadget using ShutterFX.

ShutterFX has more features and style than most other photo editors available for Android. It deserves to have its name mentioned alongside Aviary, Snapseed, and the other fan favorites in the Google Play market. If you're not already married to one of those, you should definitely give this one a shot.

If you can think of something you'd like to do to your photo, it's probably available in this powerful app. Though the app's name implies Instagram-esque effects, it does much more than that. ShutterFX lets you crop, filter, and retouch images, offering a wealth of editing and customization options. It even lets you take pictures within the app, though it doesn't have its own built-in camera. Some of the effects are placed behind a paywall ($1 per filter or $3 for the whole shebang), but most of the great filters are free of charge. And don't worry about usability -- all the features are easy to find, thanks to the stylish and accessible menus. What disappointed us a little about this app is that although it saved images to a special folder in our gallery, it didn't let us change that location.

Even if you don't pay to unlock the full app, you'll find more than enough in the free version to keep you happy. ShutterFX stacks up well to other smartphone photo editors and even outpaces some desktop photo editors. The best part is that beginners will have no problem figuring out this app despite the number of options it includes.

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