Review: Jelly Bean Keyboard 4.3 Free offers the look and feel of OS 4.3 keyboard

Customize your Android keyboard and gesture input options with a swipe-style Jelly Bean Keyboard 4.3 Free.

Jelly Bean Keyboard 4.3 Free enhances your gadget with a fully-customizable Android 4.3 keyboard, plus adds some neat extra features not included with the native OS 4.3 keyboard. If you're running Android OS 4.0 or higher, then this app is for you.

Jelly Bean Keyboard 4.3 Free for Android quickly installs and the setup process takes only a moment during which you need to enable the application in your Android settings menu. Don't be alarmed by the security warning about third-party keyboards that pops up, as this app doesn't collect your private data. Once the setup completed on our test device, we were able to choose between multiple keyboard layouts, including the split layout and T9. We were also able to customize our new keyboard by navigating to the app's settings menu. The keyboard supports gesture typing, more than 40 languages and dictionaries, as well as a personal dictionary, where we were able to add desired phrases, plus a shortcut for each. We enabled auto-correction and set it to "very aggressive," one of three available modes. We were able to auto-correct mistyped words by just clicking either the spacebar or the punctuation key. The keyboard was responsive and functioned perfectly no matter what application we used it for. In addition, the keyboard sound isn't annoying at all as it can be with some other apps; but even if you don't like it, you can always switch it off.

Jelly Bean Keyboard 4.3 Free performed flawlessly and featured minimal ads, making it an excellent option to consider if you want to enhance the appearance and functionality of your default Android keyboard. However, If you want a completely ad-free experience you may want to consider downloading the Pro version.

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