Review: Despicable Minions Camera adds fun stickers from the popular movie to photos

Add mischievous minions from the "Despicable Me" movie to your pictures using Despicable Minions Camera.

Despicable Minions Camera lets you cover your photos with adorable minions from the popular 3D animation film "Despicable Me." It doesn't give many photo-editing options, but that's probably not why you would download an app like this. If you want minions, though, you'll get them.

With this app you can capture a new photo or take any picture from your smartphone gallery and cover it in easy-to-apply stickers featuring "Despicable Me" minions. Although you have dozens upon dozens of minions to choose from, you won't find stickers with all the characters from the movie. The stickers are a bit hidden, and to use them you must look for the "Choose" button that's tucked away in the Mask menu. Despicable Minions Camera cannot resize your photos, but it lets you make minion stickers bigger or smaller, rotate them, and change their transparency. Also, there are a handful of filters you can apply to your pictures to give them an artistic flair. We had no problem loading pictures from our gallery and taking new photos was quick and easy. Adding stickers went smooth, as well, but applying the changes took a few seconds longer than expected.

If you want a lot of filters and other neat editing features, you'll have to look elsewhere. Despicable Minions Camera is all about minions and it delivers them in spades. Are you a fan of the movie franchise? Yes? Then you'll love this app.

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