Review: Clone Yourself Camera Free isn't easy to use, but creates awesome pictures

Put yourself in the same photo multiple times using Clone Yourself Camera Free.

Clone Yourself Camera Free can clone you so it looks like you're in multiple places in the same photo. Although it's hard to master, the app rewards you with fantastic pictures once you get the hang of it. Too bad it's not more beginner-friendly, though.

Clone Yourself Camera Free lets you take two pictures of a subject with the same background and stitch them together into one picture. The app needs perfect stillness for the trick to work -- if it detects an even slightly different background from one picture to another, it will produce a far from perfect image. We noticed that the app works best if you have a tripod or a bland background. After shooting, you can cut your subjects out of the picture so the app can correct lighting and do other things to improve the picture. You can place the subjects anywhere in the shot, if you want to. The paid version of the app lets you paste up to four pictures together, instead of the two the free edition allows. The effect works just fine with two photos, though.

Once you get used to Clone Yourself Camera Free, you can create awesome photos that will no doubt impress your friends. You will need some patience to get it just right, but the effect is fun.

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