Review: Camera Timer takes fine photos with effects, but the pop-up ads ruin it

Set your Android camera on a timer for photos and say, "Cheese!"

Camera Timer is a neat way to take posed photos with your phone, but the ads get in the way too much. While somewhat useful, there's not enough here to compensate for the full-blown ad push you'll have to put up with.

Though this app says you have to "flip your camera" to use it, you can take pictures with either your front- or back-facing camera. The app's tutorial gives you a few hints, but anyone who has used a similar program will get the hang of things quickly. Just set the timer (up to ten seconds) and hit the shutter. Once you've snapped the photo, you can add text or throw one of 40 stickers or more than 20 filters to add a little more flavor to your photo. Unfortunately, the stickers can't be resized, and every time you take a picture, apply a filter, or paste a sticker, Camera Timer will hit you with a pop-up ad that takes over your whole screen and is hard to get rid of. That's not all. When you install this app, you are forced to accept the dreaded AirPush suite, which will put ads all over your phone.

If Camera Timer would offer a longer timer or more filters over other apps, it would be easier for us to recommend it. But with the intrusive ads, we suggest you skip this one.

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