Review: Camera for Facebook allows you to upload photos with ease

Upload pictures to your Facebook profile, quickly and easily, using Camera for Facebook.

Camera for Facebook lets you automatically upload pictures from your smartphone to any Facebook album. It's a great app if you're frequently capturing images from events or meetings and want not only to keep your photo albums organized, but also to share them with your friends and family.

Camera for Facebook connects to your Facebook account and uploads pictures as you take them. You have the option to upload only over Wi-Fi to save data and pick exactly which folders you want to upload to. You can even make a new Facebook album from inside the app. The interface mimics Facebook's translucent look and feel and is flat-out beautiful. There are some banners on the bottom of the screen, but you can easily swipe them away if you don't like them. This app comes with its own camera that looks like a less cluttered version of Android's default version and can take pictures from any front- or back-facing camera. The camera even has a burst mode that lets you photograph fast action with relative ease.

While it doesn't offer any editing tools, Camera for Facebook delivers on its promise. It's a convenient way of taking great photos with your smartphone and sharing them with your Facebook friends in a snap.

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