Review: Web Capture Browser takes and saves snapshots of Web sites to iOS

Snap images of Web sites in your browser with the tap of a button in this iOS app.

Web Capture Browser allows you to take full-page screenshots of entire Web sites from your mobile device with the tap of a button, and it works seamlessly. From the basic interface and browser, which is admittedly lacking in features but is very quick, to the saving options and capture list the app provides, this is a great way to showcase mobile versions of sites for future reference or a portfolio.

When you load the app, you can navigate to a Web site right away in the browser and then tap the capture button to take a photo of that page. Every page you capture is saved to your capture list. You can also turn on the option to save an image of those pages to your camera roll. Images are created instantly and consist of an entire scroll of the site, however long it turns out to be. This is perfect for cutting up pages for snippets in advertising materials, using them in mobile site portfolios, or referencing them later when offline.

While not a full offline browser, Web Capture Browser is a great way to save text or other information to your iOS device for future reference in an easy-to-use interface. It's fast, it's intuitive and it works seamlessly without requiring additional technical knowledge. This free app is a perfect fit for anyone who will be taking photos of Web sites or saving them for future reference on their iOS device.

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