Review: Video Downloader will download videos directly from Web sites to iOS

Snag videos from Web sites with the built-in browser of this iOS app.

Video Downloader is a proprietary browser that allows you to find and download videos directly from almost any Web page you visit. There are certain limitations, the biggest of which is that it doesn't work on YouTube, but for most hosted videos, the app works well and the download times were generally very good in all of our tests. However, it does require you to have an iTunes account.

When you open Video Downloader, the browser defaults to a tutorial and FAQ page for the app. Here you can find answers to questions about how the app works, what upgrades are available, and what limits are imposed on your downloads. For the most part, it seems like downloads are open ended unless a site has taken special care to block them. YouTube, for example, doesn't work in this app for downloading. So whether the app will work or not will depend on what you want to download and where it is hosted. Nonetheless, it is a very fast, very effective app when it does work and all downloads are stored in the app for future access.

While Video Downloader is not as powerful as some of its desktop cousins and lacks some features that would make it a more robust tool (things like transferring between devices and cloud storage), there is a lot here to like. From playlist creation to file organization and a download list, you can do a lot with this downloading tool and it's generally very easy to use. It's a good free download for anyone who wants to download videos from Web sites other than YouTube.

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