Review: USB Flash Drive helps you move files to and from your iOS device

Add, remove, and share files from your iOS device as you would from a Flash drive.

USB Flash Drive is designed to move files between your iOS device and PC or Mac through iTunes. Because of the prevalence of cloud storage tools and wireless transfers, however, the number of added steps necessary to do so makes the app feel dated and overly complicated, even with the carefully written instructions provided by the developers.

When you open USB Flash Drive there is nothing onscreen. You can tap the settings menu and "How to Connect" to find a short tutorial but there are a number of steps involved, including plugging in your device, opening iTunes, moving files, and more. Additionally to move files between devices, anyone else will need to also have this app installed and it's not always clear what to do because the images get a little squished in this interface. Buttons are also not labeled; and while there are nice file organization tools here, there can be slowdowns if you load more than a handful of files into this interface. Larger files loaded a little slower in our tests, as well.

USB Flash Drive Free feels like a dated tool. It would be useful in a world without cloud storage and Wi-Fi transfer, so if you choose not to use either of those options, it is a decent free tethered file transfer tool. But if you have access to any other options, we recommend avoiding this app because it doesn't expand beyond those basic tools.

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