Review: UnRar Sharp HD is a multifeatured file explorer and zip tool

View files, unzip and zip folders, and share directly or over a Wi-Fi connection with this multifunctional iOS app.

UnRar Sharp HD is a multifunctional file explorer and sharing tool for the iOS platform that offers enough tools to be a powerful and useful tool for most users. Offering a range of options from folder and file creation to zipping and sharing with friends, this app can be a useful companion to anyone that needs a good free tool for managing work documents.

When you open UnRar Sharp HD for the first time, you can choose between a number of options, including file and folder creation, file importing, Wi-Fi connection for sharing, traditional iOS-style sharing via e-mail or social media and more. The app is designed to be a file management tool, and of course it works well for unzipping or rezipping various types of folders, a must-have option for any iOS user. The major issue we encountered early was a lack of direction and occasionally confusing menu options. But as we uncovered all of the tools available in the app, it became not just easier to use, but more streamlined and faster than other such apps.

If you are looking for an effective, fast, and feature-rich free file management and zip storage tool for your iOS device, then UnRar Sharp HD is a must download. It's easy to use, quick to set up, and it lacks a number of problems that other free file management tools in this category have, such as trial limitations and performance issues when sending files remotely. It's a great tool all the way around.

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