Review: Symbol Keyboard & Emoji is loaded with free emoji, icons, and more

Create numerous icon- and photo-rich messages on your iOS device to share with friends.

Symbol Keyboard & Emoji is an options-rich tool for customizing your text messages and e-mails from your iOS device. With numerous keyboards to augment what comes with the iOS platform, you can express yourself in a number of ways that you wouldn't normally be able to in your messages.

When you open Symbol Keyboard & Emoji for the first time you have instant access to all of its features. Onscreen is a text box and below it is a list of emoji and symbols. You can tap the different keyboard tabs to switch between straight text and numbers, emoticons, emoji, and symbols of various types, and they all enter just like standard keys on a keyboard. At any time you can share via SMS or e-mail or you can save to your clipboard and paste it into another supporting composition app like Pages. With full language support for every keyboard included with iOS and a flexible composition screen, this is a great app for anyone that enjoys using emoji in their messages.

Many apps offer comparable libraries of emoticons, emoji, and symbols, so the feature set here isn't revolutionary, but Symbol Keyboard & Emoji's interface is well designed, the app runs quickly, and the overall experience is very pleasant. It's a fun, well-made and easy-to-use app for anyone that enjoys customizing their messages.

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