Review: Smart Safe offers a range of secret browsing and file/password storage options

Save and store the most important data on your phone in this secret, well-protected app.

Smart Safe is a fantastic collection of privacy tools for the iOS platform that allows you to ensure your data and personal files never get seen by anyone without explicit access. It offers the standard photo protection tools, but goes further with numerous save options, credit card storage, and password storage options.

When you open Smart Safe, you'll be prompted to set a password in one of a few different ways -- choose the one that you are most likely to remember and then confirm it before choosing a secondary password for your credit cards. You can then start importing different types of files including photos from various locations. There is also a browser so you can browse safely behind a hidden wall from which you can also download files to your device. Contacts, passwords, and credit cards can also be saved into the app and all of it works quickly and seamlessly with a menu that makes finding everything relatively easy.

If you need a privacy app that will protect your personal data from unauthorized access, consider Smart Safe. It's an easy-to-use app, loaded with options, no unnecessary ads, and a relatively quick camera and browser interface. Combined with multistep password protection for things like credit card numbers and passwords, it offers the peace of mind that other apps and the core iOS security tools cannot offer.

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