Review: Sleep Talk Recorder is an audio recorder bogged down by issues

Record yourself or someone else as they sleep to hear what they are saying.

Sleep Talk Recorder is designed to record you as you sleep so you can listen back and hear what you were saying. The idea is enticing, but the execution here is messy in a number of ways and can lead to issues, either during recording or before and afterwards. From an overabundance of ads to a convoluted menu screen and interface, there are better options if you really want to record yourself while sleeping.

The core functionality of Sleep Talk Recorder is actually very straightforward. Tap the record button and it will start recording. During our tests it did not appear to turn off or max out at any point, though you'll likely be limited by the storage available on your device. Recording for eight hours will almost certainly use up a lot of storage. The files work great after recording, though, so there are no issues there either. The major problem we had with Sleep Talk Recorder is not the recording, but the interface and feature set leading up to it. The menu screens have numerous buttons that lead to ads or other download links. The ads that appear are intrusive to the point of making the app unusable.

At any point, an ad is likely to pop up and usually they pop up two or three at a time. While recording won't be an issue once you get it set up, the ads can make setup and saving when you wake up frustrating, and combined with a lack of settings options and editing/storage options, the app doesn't offer enough to be better than other sleep recorders, or even just a straight audio recorder.

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