Review: Simple Color Chooser uses intuitive controls to make choosing a color easy

Swipe and slide your finger to find the perfect shade with this great color-picking iOS app.

Simple Color Chooser offers exactly what its name implies -- a very easy way of checking colors and choosing one for your project. The developer has a keen understanding of user needs, including a full range of color codes and hexes along with a streamlined method for choosing that color on the screen. What at first looks like a pretty stripped-down app is actually one of the better color pickers we've seen on the App Store.

After installing Simple Color Chooser, you can select the color range you want to look through -- red, blue, or green. From there, just slide your finger up or down the screen and the background color will change accordingly, running through that range of colors. As the colors change, so too do the codes listed on the screen. If you find the perfect color, you instantly have every possible color code you would need to use in your project. This app, while not particularly attractive at first glance and lacking additional features beyond its core offering, is a great example of streamlined design. It just plain works.

If you need a color-picking app for your iPhone that will provide every possible code you could need, Simple Color Chooser is a great option. It works seamlessly as you slide between different color ranges and at any time you can save the screen you are on and access it from a list of recently saved favorites. It's a great tool for developers or designers, alike.

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