Review: Screenshot Maker Pro creates screenshots for your photos

Make semi-realistic screenshots from your iPhone with this photo editing app.

Screenshot Maker Pro allows you to create screenshots with a digital photo of your iPhone as the frame. The app doesn't offer clear instructions and lacks some features that would make the editing process a lot more customizable, but the digital iPhone looks great and the resulting screenshots are perfect for sharing or even for using on your Web site, as a promotional tool.

When you open Screenshot Maker Pro it will show a picture of the iPhone you are using for your screenshot borders. This can be changed in the settings menu, as well. You can then add a photo by tapping the plus button in the top-left corner. Either take a new photo or add one from your library. Since the app is designed to help you make screenshots, the photo library option will be needed for any real screenshots you have saved there. You can then add the photo, adjust it in the frame, and save it for sharing. While there are a few options in the settings menu, allowing you to change shadows and screen reflection, along with image size, the app could certainly use more editing options. The sceenshots look great, but the output is fairly limited.

If you take a lot of screenshots on your iPhone for reviews or marketing purposes, Screenshot Maker Pro can streamline the process of dropping those screenshots into a proper, iPhone-style frame. It's not a robust photo editor but for those screenshot needs, it works quite well.

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