Review: SandArt Clock is a feature-light digital clock with interesting sand art

Show sand art onscreen along with the time with this iOS app.

SandArt Clock is exactly as it sounds -- a clock on your iOS device alongside some sand art, and while the art library is interesting, the app offers very little else to recommend it. With limited timekeeping options and an ad at the top that gets in the way of the clock, this clock app is more about the art than it is about timekeeping options.

When you open the app for the first time you'll get a few quick instructions on how to change the time display and the art that displays. Then the app takes over with a digital clock and a picture of sand art on the screen. This is about it -- there are no other features here to speak of. So while the app works exactly as it is described in the App Store, there just isn't much here to make it a must-have download.

Of course, if you enjoy sand art, are looking for a simple, easy-to-use digital clock app for your iPhone or would like to explore something new today, there is nothing wrong with the app. The ad at the top can be distracting if you are using this specifically as a clock, but since the app is more likely to be used as a gallery, it works as intended and there are some quite attractive images here.

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