Review: Photo Gopher provides a comprehensive rundown of metadata for photos

Review all of the metadata for your photos on your iOS device with this easy-to-use photo tool.

Photo Gopher is a metadata extractor for your photos, allowing you to see everything from the basic information about your photos to the GPS data and code-level information stored in those photos. For those that want to see everything that they're sending out when they take a photo or for those that have a number of photos taken with other devices, this app allows you to dig deep and pull just about everything stored in those JPG files.

When you open Photo Gopher you can choose any image from your photo library to see what it has to offer. Once you've selected an image, it will automatically populate the fields on the screen, showing you where the image was taken on a map -- listing all of the metadata stored in the file, including exposure information, color modes, aperture values, and more than two dozen other readings and measurements. It's a useful tool for anyone with a large collection of photos and eye opening to see just how much data companies can extract from the photos shared on your phone everyday.

If you need to dig into the images on your phone or the ones sent to you by other users to better see the metadata stored there, Photo Gopher offers a number of options to do so. With a range of options to change how this data is pulled and displayed, as well, this is a powerful app with many uses.

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