Review: Mobicip replaces your default browsing tools with robust parental controls

Control access to content on an iOS device with this robust, secure browser.

Mobicip is an integrated browser with deep parental controls that can replace the browsing tools on your child's iOS device. Because it actively replaces Safari, YouTube and the App Store, it allows parents to more strictly monitor and control what children can access from their mobile devices, a tool that while not lacking in iOS, is often underused in most apps.

When you start Mobicip for the first time, you'll be prompted to create an account, which will allow you to monitor and control access to content through the app. After creating the account, you are prompted to turn off access to other apps in the system like YouTube, Safari, and the App Store, making it so users can only access the Web through Mobicip. Once this is done, you have full control over the access restrictions, and the interface is not only intuitive, it's deeply integrated with iOS, making it possible to control a lot more than the straight iOS options ever allowed you to.

There are a lot of parental control apps on the App Store. Some of them offer more features and tools, but they are much more complicated to operate. Mobicip is a well-designed app, it is easy for you to manage, and it offers fairly solid tools to control what children can access and do inside the app. This makes it a powerful tool in your parenting toolkit and a great replacement for the controls offered by default on iOS.

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