Review: Downloader & Private Browser is a streamlined media browser/downloading tool

Find and save nearly any type of media file directly to your iOS device with this app.

Downloader & Private Browser manages to combine many of the most powerful and useful features in other downloaders into a single, intuitive interface for your iPhone. The result is an app that enables you to access and download files online, download them to your device for storage or sharing, track usage, and move and zip files whenever you want.

When you open Downloader & Private Browser, it looks overwhelming, but the vast majority of menu options are designed to make browsing your media files as easy as possible. So you can quickly swipe between photos, videos, documents, and zip folders. At any time, you can swipe to the right and load the browser, which allows you to download these files and with another swipe to the right you can see your full download list -- including current downloads and anything previously downloaded. The use of multiscreen swipes works well for an app like this and frees up a lot of screen real estate. Combined with quick download times, the app performs impressively.

Downloader & Private Browser Free offers very similar features to other download/browse tools in the App Store, but it does so with a sense of style and speed that not all of those apps can match. For this reason, if you are looking for a good free downloader app for your device, you should seriously consider this one.

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