Review: Download - iBolt Downloader can snag files from almost any Web site

Browse and download files from Web sites on your iOS device.

iBolt Downloader and Download Manager is a fairly standard download/browse tool for the iPhone with a decent set of features and quick performance. It doesn't stand out from the wide range of other downloader tools also on the App Store, but as a free app it performs as well as can be expected and without any major hiccups, crashes, or bugs.

When you open the app you'll be shown a list of frequently-asked questions in the browser window. You can transfer files between PC and iPhone, use iTunes and Airplay, and move files to other devices. This is the browser screen and you can also navigate to other sites where files can be downloaded to your device. A download button is prominently displayed in the browser and you can save pages for later with the bookmark button. Tab over to the Downloads or Files menus and you can see the files you've saved or imported from other sources. There are a good number of options, too, including password locks, Safari support, and video playback. Again, nothing here is revolutionary, and the fairly rudimentary file management offering could be a problem if you download a lot of files.

If you need a good free file downloader and player, iBolt Downloader and Download Manager will get the job done. It's not the best on the App Store, but it works as intended and is generally quite quick in most situations.

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