Review: cMemory will show memory usage and allow you to reset it by button

Reset your iOS device's memory with the tap of a button.

cMemory is an attractive, easy-to-use, and very fast memory management tool for your iOS device that can be immensely useful for developers and power users, alike. The app offers only two major functions, but both are incredibly useful in certain situations and a must have for those that frequently find their device slowing down or who need to benchmark operation of certain apps.

When you open cMemory, a slickly-designed home screen will pop up showing you a few stats about your memory use, including current memory available, current memory being used, and total memory on board. You can tap the memory button to clear out unused memory and free up space or you can swipe to the right and see a full list of every process currently running on your device and what those processes are using in terms of resources. As a result, you can control how much memory is being used at any given time and free up space if your device ever starts to run a little slower.

cMemory is a must-have tool for anyone that uses their iPhone or iPad for more robust operations than is typical of the average user. If you test apps, develop new apps, run benchmarks, or simply run a lot of apps at any given time, this app will free up resources and help keep your device running smoothly through it all. It's a great free tool.

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