Review: Clean Clips shows and allows you to delete the last text you copied or cut

Clear your iOS clipboard with the tap of a button in this easy-to-use iOS app.

Clean Clip is a very basic app that does only one thing but that one thing is potentially very useful -- removing information or images from your clipboard. As a privacy tool it's a must for anyone that works with personal or confidential information, and it can clear up memory on your device if you are copying and pasting large chunks of information and images.

While the core functionality of Clean Clip is very useful, the app doesn't do anything else. When you open it you will see what is currently on your clipboard along with a button to delete whatever it is. A timer or background application with notifications would have been a nice addition here to enhance the privacy functionality of the app. That small issue aside, however, Clean Clip works quite well to remove whatever unwanted information pops up on your clipboard during the course of a day.

If you frequently copy and paste large volumes of information, photos, or anything personally identifying or proprietary to your job, Clean Clip is a useful, small app that will instantly clear that information from your clipboard. It may lack other added tools but it performs its single function very well.

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