Review: Awesome Fonts is a clean, easy-to-use font-customization app for iOS

Quickly change the font and style of your text and then share with friends.

Awesome Fonts is a feature-rich font editing and sharing tool that allows you to convert your text instantly into one of dozens of unique fonts before sharing them with friends. The app is cleverly designed to be accessible, quick, and fun to use, and the result is an experience that perfectly captures the joy of discovering a new, goofy font for a message to a friend.

When the app opens, there will be a small text screen with three instructions on it. Read them and you'll know exactly how to use the app in its entirety -- it's that easy. Just add your text to the text box and then scroll down and check to see what options you have for converting that text into a new font type. It will instantly change the text onscreen so you can see how the new font looks. From there you can slide out the share menu, which drops in from the right, seamlessly. It allows you to share your custom message via SMS, e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, or you can just copy it to your clipboard to paste elsewhere.

Awesome Fonts is awesome. It's a fun, easy-to-use, and attractive app that allows you to change your messages into one of dozens of fonts; and while there are some locked fonts that require a paid upgrade to access, there are enough free ones here and enough options for how to access and use those free fonts, that you'll have a blast with the app.

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