Review: AB-Browser is fast, sleek, and easy to use

Surf the Web with this sleek, easy-to-use browser for your iOS device.

AB-Browser, at first glance, is a standard, third-party Web browser for iOS, but as you dig deeper you will find a powerful free replacement for Safari that is just as compelling in its own right. With streamlined functionality, very fast load times, and a number of options not available in Safari by default, it is a very useful tool for anyone looking to replace Apple's Web browser with something new.

When you open AB-Browser, you'll start to see the differences right away. The developers have stripped out the bottom bar completely, getting everything under a couple of buttons at the top of the screen. From here you can view tabs, bookmark pages and history, or clear history, cookies, and data. Other options like sharing and offline viewing are not available, but the instant access to history and clearing data options is a welcome addition since iOS keeps these options hidden in the preferences menu. But the real draw of AB-Browser is how fast it runs. Unlike some third-party browsers that suffer in the speed department, this one is lightning fast, loading pages as fast as your connection can handle and displaying media without any issues.

If you are looking for a great third-party app to replace Safari or whatever browser you are currently using, AB-Browser is an excellent option. It does not have all the features of other browser apps, nor does it sync its bookmarks or files with other apps, but it works quickly and is a great browsing experience.

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