Review: Square Instasize lets you resize photos into perfect squares for Instagram

Resize your photo into a perfect square and do some minor basic editing before you upload it to Instagram.

Square Instasize can quickly resize an image into a perfect square ready to be uploaded to Instagram. It doesn't have much to offer apart from that -- it has no filters, overlays, and only a few editing tools, but it gets its primary job done very quickly and efficiently.

Square Instasize opens to a cheerful, streamlined welcome screen from which you can access your gallery and pick a photo or take a photo using the stock camera on your device. The application's basic function is to quickly and easily resize photos into squares and do some quick and easy editing; and for that, it's a pleasure to use. Once you've picked a photo and set the size using a slider, you are able to rotate it, add text, change the color of the background under the photo, or select one of the available backgrounds within the app. However, you can't crop, add a filter, or do anything else you could do with a basic photo editor. There are no options to share directly from the app and you can't share the photos to any other app without first saving them to your phone's SD card, which is a minor inconvenience. The app features some ads, but these won't bother you much at all.

Overall, Square Instasize doesn't offer much in terms of features but it does perform smoothly and without any delay or lag. If quickly resizing images to squares is all you need, then downloading any other photo editor that can do everything but make you breakfast seems pointless when you have this app.

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