Review: Snapshot Text Editor looks average, but has a truckload of great features

Decorate photos on your smartphone or tablet using feature-packed Snapshot Text Editor.

Snapshot Text Editor is packed with tons of editing goodies, but occasional glitches keep it from being a five-star app. The goofy interface doesn't help it, either. Still, the power, variety, and flexibility of its editing tools make it worth considering.

Don't let the name confuse you as Snapshot Text Editor handles images and not text, though it can add text to any photo you want. The app lets you pick a photo from your gallery -- or take a new one with a standalone camera -- and then crop, resize, and edit it to your heart's content. You can add stickers, filters, or even turn a photo into wallpaper. Unfortunately, the app goes a little overboard with the pop-up ads; but to compensate, it doesn't have any banner ads or other advertisements. The interface could use some, as the paneling and other layout accents don't add anything to the experience. And beware -- when you're browsing filters, the app might lose track of your photo, and you will have to start the editing from scratch, so save your image often! But these issues aside, there's a lot on offer here.

Though the app can be rather frustrating, at times, its features redeem it. Snapshot Text Editor stacks up well against most other all-in-one editing apps, and it would no doubt be more popular if it wasn't for its minor performance issues and lackluster layout.

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