Review: Fisheye Camera Live takes fun pictures with a nice effect

Take nice photos with the classic Fisheye lens effect using Fisheye Camera Live.

Fisheye Camera Live gives your photos the classic fisheye effect, but suffers from performance issues on some Android devices. With Android 4.0, we found that the app randomly crashes and freezes, especially if you're trying to run another app alongside it. If you can get past these glitches, though, you'll get the pictures you want.

Fisheye Camera Live makes your smartphone's camera look like it has a fisheye lens attached to it. That means the middle of the camera will be incredibly zoomed in while the rest won't. The application offers three different lens simulations and lets you preview a picture before taking it. You are also able to change the zoom, making it easier for you to take interesting photos. Unfortunately, during our tests on a device running Android 4.0 we experienced frequent crashes. What we found even more troubling is that after a crash we weren't able to relaunch the app without first restarting our device -- we kept getting a message that "another app" is using the camera. When we tried the app on another device running Android version 4.2, the performance was significantly better. On either version, the photos we did get looked really good. In terms of photo editing, Fisheye Camera Live doesn't have anything remarkable to offer. It also includes ads and you can expect occasional pop-ups, too. It does let you share your creations directly on Instagram and on any other service with just a tap.

When Fisheye Camera Live works, it does take nice fisheye photos. Fair warning that you could experience some major glitches, but it's free and relatively small to download, and it's worth checking out, especially for those running 4.2.

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