Review: Voice Lock Screen lets you lock or unlock your phone's screen with voice command

Use voice commands to lock and unlock Android screens more conveniently.

Voice Lock Screen allows you to lock your Android device using voice password recognition. The downside of using this application is that you have to install AirPush, a search and monetization platform that adds an icon on your home screen as well as in your browser search homepage. There is no opt-out option.

Voice Lock Screen opens to the unlock settings screen where you can set voice passwords by touching the microphone and speaking the password when prompted. It has a streamlined interface that makes it easy for you to set screen passwords and change time and date settings. Saved voice passwords are displayed as text underneath the microphone icon. In our tests, passwords were easily set and there weren't any delays waiting for our device to unlock.

If you're looking for an alternative to swipe for locking your Android device, then Voice Lock Screen is a good option. You'll have to put up with some pop-up advertisements, though, so you'll have to figure out for yourself if that's worth the trade-off for hands-free locking.

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