Review: Search and download shared videos from the Internet with Videoder

Find shared videos and download them in the format and size you want without hassle using Videoder.

Videoder comes with an unobtrusive interface that allows you to search videos on the Web and then download them on your Android device in one of the three available resolutions and four available formats.

You start by searching for downloadable videos using the application's accessible search screen. And yes, you can grab videos from YouTube and Vimeo. Search results populate as thumbnails with partial text descriptions, but with no information about the file format or size. This is shown with a larger thumbnail in the main interface that lets you grab a video and choose the preferred format -- the large FLW, the medium MP4, and the small 3GPP. Obviously, the better the quality, the larger the file. The exact file size of each format is clearly visible and displayed next to each file, which is quite convenient and helps when deciding which format to download. Additional resolutions are just a click away, too. To play videos Videoder must access a different application, but it does so without any problems. The video output quality is acceptable, and newly-converted videos play well. It took us around a minute to download a small 5.8MB video file, two minutes for the medium 18.8MB file, and around four minutes for the large 31.6MB file.

Videoder lives up to its promise, and stands out from other similar apps because it lets you choose the video format you prefer. It is not hampered by excessive ads or other performance issues, making it a good solution if you want to grab videos from the Web onto your Android smartphone.

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