Review: Video Trimmer and Audio Cutter lags and crashes too often

Trim music and video files on your smartphone using Video Trimmer and Audio Cutter.

Video Trimmer and Audio Cutter has the right idea but the wrong execution. With too many ads, lackluster performance and crashes, it hardly seems worth the fight to get it to work.

This app's basic interface lets you choose a starting point and a stopping point for your video or audio and then trim off the rest. It will let you choose where you save the video, but you have to know the exact name of the file folder. It doesn't show you your destination options. It also doesn't show you the video once you've finished, either. You have to hunt it down to see the final results. Though the app edits videos well, Video Trimmer and Audio Cutter rarely lets you actually edit the video. It usually seizes and crashes when you try to navigate away from the main menu. Even if it does take you to where you want to go, it usually lags between button presses and clunks out before you can choose the video you want to edit. The app's covered in ads, too.

It's a shame that Video Trimmer and Audio Cutter lacks solid performance, because it'd be a handy app otherwise. As it stands now, you're better off trying other video editors and avoiding this version of the tool.

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