Review: Take two photos and compress them into one image with Twin Camera

Turn twin photos into one great image in just a few easy steps with this fun app.

Twin Camera is a free camera application that lets you place yourself or others twice in one image and then share your creation online. Though there were some advertisements taking up screen space in the bottom left of the interface, the application was quick and performed well.

You start by taking a photo of the subject on the left side of the application screen, and then you take a photo of the subject on the right side of the screen. Twin Camera processes the two images, combining them into one photo that you can save in your photo library or share via e-mail, or on Facebook, Instagram, Picasa, or any other social network. Clicking on the Clock icon lets you set a timer for taking either one or both photos, automatically, after a defined interval. The processing takes a couple of seconds, and the quality of the output image won't disappoint you.

Twin Camera is a handy camera application that works well. You can easily create double images of yourself or others, and the social media sharing options are abundant and easy to use.

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