Review: Write down your thoughts using useful features offered by Notepad for Android

Take text, audio, and video notes with your Android smartphone using Notepad for Android.

Notepad for Android looks a little cheesy, but it stacks up well with other note-taking apps in terms of features. It helps you collect your text, video, photo, and audio notes in one offline place, which is nice. If it had a Web-clipping feature or a Web component, it'd be on par with Evernote, Springpad, and the rest.

This app lets you create audio, video, photo, and text notes right from your phone. You can add timestamps to them for easier organization, or organize them alphabetically or categorically. Notepad for Android doesn't store your files on its own server, so you'll need to use up some of your phone's on-board storage or sync the account to your Dropbox. The app can sync automatically for you once a day or on-demand, but you'll need an account with Dropbox if you want a real backup. The app's layout heavily mimics an actual memo pad, which is cute. However, the app could help you create more notes if it was easier to customize the appearance of your notes. You can change the font and background color, but that's it. The app has a nifty widget that lets you take any kind of note right from your home screen.

Notepad for Android lets you take notes in a lot of different ways, but it needs more Web-friendly features if it wants to compete with some of the more dynamic note apps on Android. Still, if you don't care about Web site bookmarks or other advanced features, this app is worth testing. It's one of the more feature-packed offline note-taking apps.

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