Review: MyScript Calculator lets you handwrite equations, but it can be unwieldy

Handwrite and solve your math problems using MyScript Calculator.

MyScript Calculator represents a fast, streamlined way to write out math problems and get instant solutions. It can be a little tough to use if your handwriting is bad, but you'll love this cool app if you take your time and use it carefully. It's worth the time it takes to get used to.

This app lets you draw out numbers, mathematical symbols, and other math icons and turn them into equations, with ease. There's no enter button so the program will solve any equation as long as there are enough parts to make the equation work. You can keep writing until you have the exact equation you want. The app's handwriting detection is solid, but it will mistake some bad handwriting (During testing, 7s and division slashes seemed to confuse the app.) Luckily, the app has a responsive back button that lets you change one mistake and a delete key so you can start from scratch. MyScript Calculator auto-scales based on what information you've entered, so it's just as easy to see an entire complex calculation as it is to see a simple one.

MyScript Calculator presents a fun, fresh take on the old-school calculator. There are some hiccups here and there, but the app makes up for them with plenty of neat ways to visualize math problems.

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