Review: Test your brand knowledge and compete with others with Logos Quiz

Guess the company behind the logo in this addictive and fun mind puzzler.

Logos Quiz is an addictive mind puzzler that tests your knowledge of popular brands with an extra option to compete with others online. You should be able to get most of the logos in each level in a matter of seconds, especially since the game gives you tons of clues.

Logos Quiz gives you several levels, each with about 80 logos to guess from. You don't have to do the logos in any order; just complete as many as you can to earn points. Each logo earns you a hint you can use, and the game will tell you how close you were to the right logo if you miss. While you type, the game gives you name suggestions so you can auto-complete your guess, easily. This is especially useful if the logo has an odd name or a name that is too long. However, if you type really fast you may experience difficulties with the suggestion box and you may click the wrong answer. The game's layout isn't much more than a blank white screen with a few ads placed here and there. The ads pop up over your screen after you've guessed a handful of logos, but they aren't too annoying. This game doesn't let you use any custom keyboard other than its own, which is frustrating if you're a Swype or SwitfKey fan. In addition to the standard logo quiz option, the game gives you an option to compete with others in quick online contests.

Logos Quiz goes far simply for having tons of logos to guess. Though most of them are pretty easy to figure out, this well-made app can still challenge you.

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