Review: Match the logo to its company with Logo Quiz - Fun Plus

Recognize as many brand logos as you can while advancing through Logo Quiz - Fun Plus.

Logo Quiz - Fun Plus deserves applause for its numerous levels and sliding difficultly, but it's not going to win anyone over based on its looks. However, even though it focuses more on the game and not on the app that surrounds it, it's still one of the better logo-guessing games you can find for your Android gadget.

Logo Quiz - Fun Plus gives you almost two dozen levels, each with 30 or more logos to guess. You don't have to guess the logos in any particular order, but you must complete a percentage of the current level to unlock the next one. You earn extra hints for completing logos, too. If you need more hints, you can win them for liking the app's Facebook page or by downloading other "Guess the Logo" apps from the creators. The game's layout isn't much to look at, but it lets you use your own keyboard, unlike similar apps. There are a fair amount of tough logos that will stump you, too. To help you out, the app will tell you when you were close to the correct spelling of the brand you're trying to guess. It will also allow you to ask your Facebook and Twitter friends for some help. Since this app is free, it features an advertisement at the bottom of the screen, but you can remove it if you choose to purchase Remove Ad + 50 Hints option in the app's store.

Logo Quiz - Fun Plus does about everything right as far as logo-guessing games go, giving users who like this style of game plenty to enjoy. If you just want a fun way to waste time, you'll find it in this app.

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