Review: Sync your iTunes library to an Android device via USB using SyncTunes

Sync iTunes music, videos, and podcasts from your PC to your Android device using SyncTunes.

SyncTunes allows you to easily sync your iTunes library to an Android device via a USB device. The application is easy to use and offers an ideal solution for times when you need to quickly transfer iTunes music, playlists, videos, and podcasts from your PC to your mobile device.

Upon opening SyncTunes, you will be prompted to install the second part of the application, the SyncTunes desktop app for Windows, which is required to move items from your iTunes library to your Android device. This doesn't require you to download the companion app from another Web site, though as the installation completes with just the click of a button within the mobile app. The application, itself, offers a welcoming interface with large graphics, displaying functions for settings, scanning media, access to a music application, and generous help resources available via the online user guide. The bottom of the main application screen displays readiness and device details, including the mobile IP address. Once the sync is completed, the files will be stored on an SD card. Overall, the application performed well during testing and no problems were encountered.

SyncTunes and its free companion desktop application offer an excellent solution for iTunes users wanting to sync the contents of their iTunes library with an Android device. If you need the transfer to be even quicker and more convenient, then perhaps you should consider purchasing the Pro version of this app that lets you sync over Wi-Fi without any limitations.

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