Review: Frame multiple photos into one unique layout and share with InstaPic Frames

Combine multiple photos from your photo library into one amazing collage using InstaPic Frames.

InstaPic Frames helps you create beautiful custom-framed photo layouts and lets you easily share them online. The application runs smoothly, and the results look very good.

InstaPic Frames opens to the select-a-frame screen, giving you 42 layout options to arrange your photos. With just a touch on the plus icon it's easy to add photos from a photo library. Selecting an image brings up the Editor screen where each image can be enhanced using one of the 23 available effects and/or one of the 20 overlays. With just a swipe through the presets we were able to preview each effect, and the changes applied to an image processed quickly. One of the three options in the main menu allowed us to choose the frame color for our finalized photo layout. The other two options allowed us to easily save our image and share it on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. During testing, we tried creating different layouts using different effects, and the application completed each operation instantaneously. The program featured some ads, and occasionally displayed pop-ups, which were slightly distracting. However, when it comes to overall performance, the application ran smoothly and we didn't encounter any errors or delays.

InstaPic Frames offers a creative way to lay out your photos, making it an excellent option for displaying multiple photos in one nicely-designed package that's ready to be shared on popular social networks.

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