Review: Handwriting for FlipFont free adds a custom flair to your mobile device

Change your device's font to a more attractive one using Handwriting for FlipFont free.

For those with FlipFont or similar apps, Handwriting for FlipFont free adds some whimsical, attractive fonts to your Android device. While there weren't any issues with the fonts, adding this font package leads to a constant stream of ads.

Handwriting for FlipFont free downloads quickly, but you will need FlipFont or another font-changing app to take advantage of Handwriting for FlipFont's extra fonts. Once you've installed the primary font-changer, the application will add six new fonts to your device. The font can easily be changed by accessing the device's display settings. On the downside, pop-up notifications will start appearing in the notification bar as soon as the package has been installed, which offset the fun factor of the new font choices.

While Handwriting for FlipFont free has some eye-catching fonts, the trade-off is a lot of intrusive ads. You may just want to stick with the more "boring" default fonts to avoid the deluge of ads.

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