Review: Plan days and customize events using intuitive Google Calendar

Schedule important events on the go and keep them in sync with your other Google applications using Google Calendar.

Google Calendar offers a versatile and effective tool for planning your schedule and syncing various Google applications. The beauty of Google applications is their universal compatibility with one another. If you already use Gmail, Google Maps, or Google Keep, then Google Calendar is a great addition.

At just over 2MB, this application downloads almost instantly. There is no need to register or set it up because it automatically detects your Gmail settings. Once installed, you will immediately notice its intuitive controls and well-designed layout. The calendar, itself, can be viewed in four different modes -- day, week, month, or agenda, depending on your preference. The agenda mode displays a list of scheduled events in chronological order, and this is the view displayed in the included Google Calendar widget once it is placed on the home screen. Adding an event is as easy as touching the time you wish to schedule it. Once an event has been added, you can organize it by changing the color of the highlight, and you can set up a reminder notification.

If you haven't already settled on a calendar app, or you use other Google products, we highly recommend Google Calendar. It's easy to use, looks good, and, of course, it plays well with other Google apps.

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