Review: Solve colorful brainteasers using Flow Free: Bridges

Connect same-color dots with a colorful line in either a Free Play or Time Trial mode to progress through many levels of this addictive puzzle.

With colorful graphics, calming sounds, and exciting and stimulating gameplay, Flow Free: Bridges promises to keep your mind busy for hours. The introduction levels are easy, and are designed to build your confidence and encourage you to keep playing. As you advance through the game, the levels get considerably harder.

There isn't much to installation and setup, so you can get started playing Flow Free: Bridges as soon as the game downloads. There are two options available -- Free Play and Time Trial mode. The UI consists of a black game board that has been divided into a grid. The grid starts out quite small, at first, and only has a few dots to connect. As you progress through the game the grid gets larger and more dots are added. In addition to the original Flow Free gameplay, this version of the game allows you to use bridges to cross over lines. These Bridges are placed permanently in different locations throughout the board and you may not overlap or cross lines unless you use one. The graphics are basic but the bright colors against a contrasting game board are easy on the eyes. Sound effects are also subtle and pleasant, without the distraction of music constantly playing in the background.

Flow Free: Bridges offers a fun yet challenging game for any Android user who likes solving puzzles. The game performs without any glitches, and even though basic, it gets quite addictive the longer you play it.

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