Review: Lock your screen with iOS-style Espier Screen Locker

Change your standard Android screen lock to an Apple-inspired variant with Espier Screen Locker.

Espier Screen Locker works with Espier Launcher to provide a fully customizable lock screen that has the look iOS fans have come to love on Apple devices, but not everything on offer worked as we expected.

Espier Screen Locker's layout resembles the "Slide to Unlock" screen found on Apple devices. In the slide mode, it functions smoothly and has a pleasant appearance. Additional options such as passcode lock can be set to increase security. Options such as changing the default wallpaper, unlock text, and slider pattern all worked well, and we were also able to add custom lock and unlock sounds. However, we didn't have much success with adding widgets and kept getting a message that our widgets were the wrong size. Enabling the Camera option adds a camera icon to the lock screen, but we also had no success actually using this option on our device. The free application doesn't install any ads on your device but as soon as you install it, it will notify you to validate it. To purchase the license and get additional features you will need to obtain Espier coins. Earning the coins can be done by visiting or registering on the Espier marketplace, buying other applications, or downloading demo applications. We visited the portal a couple of times and received the permanent full version license without much hassle.

If you use Espier Launcher and are tempted to change your default lock screen to something that resembles the attractive lock screen of an Apple device, you should give Espier Screen Locker a go. Despite some non-functioning features, it's still a worthwhile addition to the Espier Launcher.

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